About Me

Hello, I'm Tommaso!

Hello, my name is Tommaso Diotalevi, I currently live in Bologna but my origins are from a small town in the Marche region called Candelara. I was born the 27th of May 1993 in the city of Urbino, one of the centers of the Italian renaissance and - from 1998 - inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Education and training

 - In 2012 I obtained the Scientific High School Diploma at the Scientific High School "G.Marconi" in Pesaro.
 - In 2015 I obtained the Bachelor degree in Physics cum laude at the University of Bologna.
 - In 2016 I attended the CERN Summer Student Programme, with a project named "Analysing CMS transfers using Machine Learning techniques".
 - In 2018 I obtained the Master degree in Physics cum laude at the university of Bologna.
 - In 2018 I attended the CNAF Technological Summer Student fellowship program, focusing on the Collection of system logs and the development of a prototypal Analytics service using the Elastic Stack Suite.

From 2018 I am a PhD student in Physics at the University of Bologna and a member of the INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics).

Academic and working experience

 - From 2016 I am a member of the CMS Collaboration (Compact Muon Solenoid), at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva (Switzerland).
 - From 2019 I became an associated member at CERN in Geneva.
 - From 2020 I co-operate in the activities of the CSN-5 "ML_INFN" (Approach end-to-end in the usage of Machine Learning for INFN research lines), coordinated by Prof. Daniele Bonacorsi, focusing on Machine and Deep Learning modelling, DL on FPGA and predictive maintenance.
- From November 2019 since January 2020, I worked as a business consultant for the Oper CBI project in Bologna.

Teaching Activity

I performed teaching activity as a Tutor in the following courses:

  - "Software and Computing for High Energy Physics" in 2019, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Bologna University.
  - "General Physics I" in 2020, course of study "Laurea in Ingegneria dell'automazione e dell'energia elettrica".
  - "Applied Machine Learning - Advanced" in 2020, course of study "Laurea Magistrale in Bioinformatics".


My activities outside my research and academic activities, to spread scientific knowledge to kids and the general public.